Tsuiki Air Base, Japan
Korean War Home Movies

  Color and b&w home movie footage filmed by Frank W. Durkee in early 1951 when the 51st Fighter Interceptor Group was flying combat missions over Korea from Tsuiki AB in Japan.

You'll see panoramic shots of Tsuiki Air Base -- tents, hangars, the flightline, and surrounding scenery -- and footage of ground crew installing wing tanks and loading bombs on F-80 Shooting Stars. There's footage of F-80s landing and taking off, and some great shots of crewmen going over "Dottie L" (FT-564) pre-flight, starting the engine, and the pilot taxiing out. Later on, you'll see footage of an F-80 (FT-872) which has been ditched in the ocean, close to shore. Men row out in a rubber raft to pick up the pilot.
The b&w footage includes more shots of Tsuiki AB -- a tall wooden building with a sign reading, "Sun Valley", the 51st Headquarters building, hangars and planes, plus footage of men working on the landing gear and installing a machinegun on a T-33 Shooting Star (trainer).
There's footage filmed on Honshu Island -- a seaside town with fishing boats pulled up on shore and men repairing nets, city scenes, and footage shot from a train as it moves through the countryside.
You'll see airmen loading their gear onto a transport plane and in Yokahama you'll see shots of the port and men boarding a ship for home, scenes filmed on the ship, and eventually their arrival in San Francisco, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge.
Other footage includes:
~"Fighting 25th Operations" and "25th Ftr. Sq. Engineering" signs on buildings
~25th Armament area
~Fuel train car and bomb storage area
~Twin Mustang preparing to take off
~Two-seater T-33 trainer "We Two" (TR-977) taxiing out
~Sabrejet FS-427 taking off
~aerial shots flying over fields and farms
~revetments at a former WWII Japanese air base
...and much more!

The DVD has a soundtrack of Korean War era radio shows.
Running Time: 50 minutes

PRICE: $20.00

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Click Below to watch some clips from "Durkee's Fighting 25th" -- Please note that because of the transfer process this YouTube video is of a lesser quality than the actual DVD.


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