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"Jurison's Coastal War"

Color home movies filmed in Vietnam in 1967, including footage from Tan My, Cua Viet, Danang, and Hue.

Beginning in the air, on a flight to Vietnam, you'll see aerial shots of the coast, cities, and flooded fields. Travel in a truck convoy past rice paddies, farms and villages. In a coastal city you'll see a waterway crowded with sampans & junks, and women washing clothes on steps that lead down to the river. You'll see footage of the dredge Davison on the Cua Viet, zooming in on the crew and activity going on alongside. There's extensive footage of other traffic on the river, both civilian and military, and panning shots of the coast.
You'll see Cua Viet base camp, ships, boats and heavy equipment along the shore, and ROK soldiers unloading ammo from a landing craft. You'll visit Hue, see a PBR base at Tan My and a marketplace in Danang.

Other footage includes:
~LST-1146 "Summit County"
~Odd yellow Junk Force boat near sand-spit
~CH-46, CH-53 and Huey helicopters
~AmTracs on the shore move into jungle, knocking down trees
~Armed soldiers at boat w/ mounted .30 cal machine gun
~Airstrikes on nearby enemy positions
~Swift Boat going by
~Sign: "Hiep-Hung Rock Crushing Factory"
~282nd AHC "Black Cats" Hueys at Tan My
~USCG Cutter "Point Welcome"
~Swift Boat #17, LCU-58

The DVD has a soundtrack of AFVN radio shows
Running Time: 1 hr, 19 minutes

PRICE: $20.00

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Click Below to watch some clips from "Jurison's Coastal War" -- Please note that because of the transfer process this YouTube video is of a lesser quality than the actual DVD.

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